MSN Names By Alphabat B

B.I.T.C.H – Babe In Total Control of Herself

B.I.T.C.H – Beautiful, Intellidgent, Talented, Cute, Humorous!

Baby I Know I’ve Made Mistakes But I Wanna Make It Right So Please Just Say You’ll Forgive Me And Be With Be Tonight

Baby They Cant Play You Cause I’ll Save You With My Super Powers, Boy Im Only Human But I’ll Be Your Super Woman

Baby Will It Ever Be, You And Me? Well A Girl Can Dream, Cant She?

Bassically Don’t Stress Me…You Can’t Impress Me…I Aint A Tease…I’m Just A Reminder Of What You Can’t Please!

Be Cool Go To School

Be More Concerned About Your Character Than Your Reputation Because Your Character Is Who You Are And Your Reputation Is What Others Think Of You!

Beauty Is Skin Deep, But Attitude Is To The Bone

Beer Is Good, Beer Is Great, When You Drunk It’s Easy To Find A Mate

Before You Criticise Someone, You Should Walk A Mile In Their Shoes, That Way, When You Criticise Them, You’re A Mile Away And You Have Their Shoes!

Before You Decide To Live By The “Early Bird” Policy, Find Out Whether You’re The Bird Or The Worm!

Being Cute Is One Thing, But Being How Is A Whole Different Thing!

Being Happy Doesn’t Mean That Everything Is Perfect. It’s Means That You’ve Decided To Look Beyond The Imperfections!

Big Girls Don’t Cry, They Get Even!

Bitch Is My Middle Name…Sorry Did I Steal Yours?

Bitches They Come And They Go…

Bitchs Like Me Live Like Queens…And Sluts Like You Live On Your Knees!

Bitches Aint Shit

Born To Shop… Forced To Go To School…

Born With No Soul, Lack Of Control, Cut Form The Mold Of The Anti-Social!

Boy Wrap Your Arms Around Me And Hold me Tight, In The Middle Of The Night, I’ll Make You Feel Alright!

Boys Are Bad, Throw Rocks At Them

Boys Are Great, Every Girl Should Own One

Boys Are Like Cars, They Press The Accelerator Too Soon!

Boys Are Like Nappies…Hard To Change And Full Of Shit!

Boys Are Like Pictures, They Are Interesting To Look At, Then They Get Boring!

Boys Are Like Taxi’s When You Nedd Them, their Not There And When You Don’t, Their Everywhere!

Boys Never Give Tehir Heart Away They Play Us Girls For Fools, They Wait Until We Give Our Hearts And then They Play It Cool!

Boys Are Like Kleenex…Soft, Strong And Disposable

Boys Say It’s Great, Boys Say It’s Fine 9 Months Later They Say It’s Not Mine!

Boys Say Your Ugly, Boys Say Your Dirt, Boys Say All These Things And Expect Them Not To Hurt So Next Time You Say It Remember How We Feel, To You It May Be A Joke But To Us It’s A Big Deal!

Boys Are Sexy And I Think There Fine, I’ll Be The 6 And You Be The 9!

Boys…Everyone Needs One…Or Two…Or Maybe Three…Ok Ten!

Bulls, Are Not The Only Things Cowboy Ride When Im Around!



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